englisch squelch, eigentlich = Schlag, Stoß; (bei einem Schlag erzeugtes) Geräusch, lautmalen Die Squelch-Funktion ist mit der internen Triggerfunktion (Menü TRIGGER) verknüpft, die automatisch zusammen mit dem Squelch aktiviert wird Squelch of any kind is used to indicate loss of signal, which is used to keep commercial and amateur radio repeaters from transmitting continually to squelch [dissent] unterdrücken to squelch zertreten schmatzen [Geräusch von Stiefeln im Schlamm] zermahlen platschen zermalmen durch Morast quatschen to squelch sb./sth. [coll.] [fig.] jdn./etw. zum Schweigen bringen squelch Platsch {m} Rauschsperre {f}audioelectr.telecom. glucksendes Geräusch {n} squelch threshold Rauschsperrenschwelle {f}electr to squelch: durch Morast quatschen: to squelch sb./sth. [coll.] [fig.] jdn./etw. zum Schweigen bringe

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  1. In telecommunications, squelch is a circuit function that acts to suppress the audio (or video) output of a receiver in the absence of a strong input signal. Essentially, squelch is a specialized type of noise gate designed to suppress weak signals
  2. squelch. noun. Definition of squelch (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a sound of or as if of semiliquid matter under suction the squelch of mud. 2 : the act of suppressing especially : a retort that silences an opponent. Other Words from squelch Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about squelch. Keep scrolling for more
  3. Eine Rauschsperre (englisch: Squelch) wird in Kommunikations- Empfangsgeräten benutzt, um Störgeräusche, insbesondere Rauschen während Sendepausen auszublenden ( Rauschunterdrückungsverfahren ). Wenn das Empfangssignal den Squelch-Wert überschreitet, wird das Signal durchgeschaltet
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Squelch ist die Rauschsperre. Normalerweise hörst Du ja in Deiner Funke ein Eigenrauschen, resp. ein athmosphärisches Rauschen aus dem Lautsprecher. Da dieses sehr nervt, kannst Du mit dem Squelch-Knopf das Rauschen unterdrücken Two way radios usually have a feature called squelch. In this episode of Radio 101, we explain what squelch is and what it does. Hosted by Anthony Roque from..

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Squelch: to put a stop to (something) by the use of force. Synonyms: clamp down (on), crack down (on), crush Find the right word squelch translate: 声音, (如走在湿软土地上似的)发吧唧声,发扑哧声, 制止, (迅速)制止,遏制, (厉言)把镇住,使不再出声, (如走在湿软土地上似的)发吧唧声,发扑哧声. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary Squelch was invented first and is still in wide use in two-way/three-way radio, especially in the amateur radio world. Squelch of any kind is used to indicate loss of signal, which is used to keep commercial and amateur radio repeaters from transmitting continually. Since a carrier squelch receiver cannot tell a valid carrier from a spurious signal (noise, etc.) CTCSS is often used as well, as. Answers for Squelch crossword clue. Search for crossword clues found in the Daily Celebrity, NY Times, Daily Mirror, Telegraph and major publications. Find clues for Squelch or most any crossword answer or clues for crossword answers The Squelch platform connects to all the data agents need as-is to produce actionable insights. 02 Robust reporting engine We surface the intel required to help managers monitor and improve agent performance and provide executives with a better understanding of how CX operations impact the bottom line. 03 Easy to install and us

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squelch verb (SOUND) [ I usually + adv/prep ] to make a sucking sound like the one produced when you are walking on soft, wet ground: He got out of the car and squelched through the mud to open the gate Der Squelch hilft auch, falls auf meiner Freqeunz ein SCHWACHER Störsender drauf ist. Wenn das Funkmikro an ist, wird der Störsender weggedrückt und ich habe gutes Signal. Wenn aber das Mikro aus ist, würde der Störsender zu hören sein. Dann stelle ich den Squelch so ein, dass der Störsender gerade nicht empfangen wird

to squelch, to squash - verwerfen, vernichten, ablehnen, unterdrücken Last post 11 Feb 06, 04:14 LEO: to squelch - zermahlen, zermalmen, durch Morast quatschen to squash - quetschen, zerdr squelch [sth] vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, Say something. She found the cat. (silence, put an end to [sth]) [etw] unterdrücken Vt, fix Partikelverb, transitiv, untrennbar: Transitive Verben, die aus einem Stammverb und einer nichtverbalen Wortart (Präposition, Adjektiv, Nomen) gebildet werden. Innerhalb des Satzes werden diese Teile nicht voneinander. To inhibit or suppress: squelch a rumor; squelch one's anger. 3. ArchaicTo crush by trampling To squelch means to make a wet, sucking sound, like the sound you make when you are walking on wet, muddy ground. He squelched across the turf. [ VERB preposition/adverb

Definition of squelch_1 verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more squelch Übersetzung, Englisch - Deutsch Wörterbuch, Siehe auch 'squeal',squinch',squirearchy',squeamish', biespiele, konjugatio スケルチ (squelch) は、無線 受信機や無線機において、無信号時にスピーカから出力される耳障りで不快な雑音(ノイズ)や、交信する必要のない相手方の送信する音声を遮断し、無音状態にするための機能のことである。SQまたはSQLと略記されることもある

Squelch definition, to strike or press with crushing force; crush down; squash. See more Squelch in the most simple term is a noise gate. For a signal to be heard it must be loud enough to open the gate and come through on your speaker. On most two-way radios the squelch control is variable, meaning the more you turn that control up, the louder your signal must be to open the gate. It doesn't effect the performance of your. İngilizce Türkçe online sözlük Tureng. Kelime ve terimleri çevir ve farklı aksanlarda sesli dinleme. squelch suda yürümek squelch circiut sinyal alınana kadar ses çıkışını bırakmayan haberleşme alıcısı devresi ne demek squelch. squelch /skweltʃ/ verb 1. SOUND. [ intransitive] to make a sucking sound by walking or moving in something soft and wet My hair was dripping and my shoes squelched as I walked. squelch through/along/up We squelched across the field. 2 [ transitive] American English. STOP something THAT IS HAPPENING

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How to set the Squelch settings and what is squelch and why you need to use it when scanning in SDR Shar Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'Squelch' auf Duden online nachschlagen. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache Squelch of any kind is used to indicate loss of signal, which is used to keep commercial and amateur radio repeaters from transmitting continually. en.wikipedia.org. Interfering signals masked by tone squelch will produce apparently random missed messages. en.wikipedia.org. The scanner will stop on an active frequency strong enough to break the radio's squelch setting and resume scanning other. Squelch is widely used in two-way radios to suppress the annoying sound of channel noise when the radio is not receiving a transmission. A carrier squelch or noise squelch is the most simple variant of all. It operates strictly on the signal strength, such as when a television mutes the audio or blanks the video on empty channels, or when a walkie talkie mutes the audio when no signal is. Squelch Circuit. Squelch is a circuit that acts to suppress the audio (or video) output of a receiver in the absence of a sufficiently strong desired input signal. This squelch circuit is simple and has an amplification for sufficiently large to be incorporated into an assembly of automatically control from a wide range of radio receivers

Eine Rauschsperre, in Englisch Squelch, unterdrückt Rauschsignale, die Kommunikations- oder Sprachsignale störend beeinträchtigen. Das kann bei der Wiedergabe von Schallplatten und Compact Discs sein, beim Sprechfunk, in Hörgeräten oder beim Empfang von unmodulierten Trägersignalen in Sendepausen Rauschunterdrückungsverfahren (englisch Noise Reduction, Noise Cancellation oder Squelch) sind technische Verfahren im Bereich der Signalverarbeitung, welche das Ziel haben das meist unerwünschte Rauschen in einem Nutzsignal zu verringern. Dazu werden im Signal mit auf die Anwendung abgestimmten Filtern bestimmte Frequenzanteile unterdrückt oder verstärkt Squelch : Se podria traducir al castellano como silenciador. El squelch es una función de los equipos de radio frecuencia que nos permite limitar los ruidos de fondo de la señal de radio, silenciandolos.Sin encendemos cualquier radio sin estar en una emisora concreta escucharemos un ruido de señal radio electrica. Este ruido es el que silencia el squelch, encargandose de diferenciar entre. squelch的中文意思:[ skweltʃ ] vt.1.压碎。2.镇压,压服,压制。3.使哑,查阅squelch的详细中文翻译、发音、用法和例句等 'A soft squelch from the other side of the tree caught his attention, he peered round.' 'Actually, for most of the time the path was sound, except for spring-fed squelches.' 'A disgusting squelch echoed around the concrete enclosure as a plastic bag split open, revealing beneath the rotting fruit, an identical device.

Squelch. February 5, 2020 ·. Success, including product innovation, customer loyalty, and profitable growth are all byproducts of a company's culture or lack thereof.. - Joshua Seedman, PNI Consulting. Like it or not, your EX plays a tremendous role in your CX performance. Managers need to make sure that agents on the front lines of. Squelch. 211 likes. Squelch is the customer experience optimization solution that instantly delivers the most relevant, context-rich intelligence to your agents when and where they need it most,.. The squelch control adjusts the gain of an amplifier which varies the level of noise coming out of the filter. en.wikipedia.org. The company had squelched any efforts they made to organize during the first decades of the 20th century by isolating or firing union leaders. en.wikipedia.org . Receivers usually features a squelch circuit to cut off the audio output from the receiver when there is.

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Q96 - QXLS Squelch: 580mV Hysterese: 80mV QM - QXLS+ Squelch: 370mV Hysterese 40mV Die Werte habe ich mir vor einiger Zeit mal selbst aus dem Forum hier zusammen getragen. Grüße! Geändert von grinch317 (04.03.2012 um 22:55 Uhr) 04.03.2012, 22:25 #3. Fire-Hero. Profil. Traduzione di squelch in italiano. Sostantivo. schiacciare. soffocare. squelch. noise-squelch. Altre traduzioni. Only when we do that can we squelch the shame. Solo quando facciamo che siamo in grado di schiacciare la vergogna Squelch ist das Noisegate, das Nebengeräusche aller Art (auch das Zirpen der Singlecoils) bis zu einem bestimmten Pegel unterdrückt (stumm schaltet). Nur Signale, deren Pegel über dieser Schwelle liegt, öffnen das Tor. Wenn das Tor offen ist, wird natürlich das komplette Signal inkl Nebengeräusche durchgelassen. Da wird dann nicht zwischen Nutzsignal und Rauschen unterschieden. Deswegen. Перевод контекст squelch c английский на русский от Reverso Context: Well, I don't want to squelch her spirit

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S Squelch Ausgang OK 100 mA Einbau: 1. Die Sensorplatine (rechts) wird nachträglich in die Ladehalterung WTC601, WTC606, WTC631, WTC632, WTC641, WTC660 eingebaut. Siehe Abbildungen. Bei der WTC663 ist die Sensorschaltung bereits auf der Hauptplatine vorhanden. 2. Die Auswerter Platine (links) wird auf den 15poligen Zubehöranschluss gesteckt Der FM-Noise-Squelch ist ein neues Rausch- und Störungsunterdrückungssystem, speziell zugeschnitten auf die Problematik der FM-Modulation im Kurzwellenbereich, insbesondere im CB-Funk-Band. Es ist verwendbar an einer Vielzahl von gängigen CB-Funkgeräten, die eine Anschlußmöglichkeit für Selektivrufsysteme haben. Mit geringen Einschränkungen ist die Schaltung auch für alle anderen. Wetech Squelch-Modul incl. Gehäuse und Zubehör. Durch das AN014 Squelch Modul kann die aktive Ladehalterung an einer Bedienkonsole angeschlossen werden. Das AN014 Squelch Modul ist ein Zukaufteil für die aufgeführten aktiven Ladehalterungen. Die Anbringung sollte nur von qualifiziertem Fachpersonal durchgeführt werden

Pelosi, leaders seek to squelch Omar controversy with rare joint statement. 's remarks equating war crimes committed by the U.S. and Israel to those by the Taliban and Hamas terrorist groups. (D. squelch any sign of dissent あらゆる 異議 を 押しつぶす. 2. 激しく 圧縮する 、 自然の 形 または 状態 から. ( to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition) 3. 泥 または ぬかるみ を 歩く. ( walk through mud or mire) 4. 吸い込む 音を立てる break squelch (third-person singular simple present breaks squelch, present participle breaking squelch, simple past broke squelch, past participle broken squelch) To end radio silence. 1981, Army Trainer (volume 1, issue 1, page 37) McWilliams and his capsule task force continued with an impressive show. Vehicles moved, different kinds of light flared in the night, radios.

Definition of SQUELCH (verb): make sucking sound, like feet on wet ground; stop someone or something that is causing troubl To subdue forcibly: squelch a revolt. 2. To inhibit or suppress: squelch a rumor; squelch one's anger. 2. To inhibit or suppress: squelch a rumor; squelch one's anger

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Kommentar: Squelch ist eines der seltenen Games Workshop-Brettspiele, die Ende der 80er Jahre in England produziert wurden. Die Spielidee ist simpel und die Thematik ziemlich schräg. Spielerisch ist Squelch dagegen nur sehr dürftige Kost. Man hat keinerlei Einfluß auf das Spiel und kann immer nur hoffen, daß man selbst die Trolle zieht oder zumindest die eigenen Monster durch einen. Squelch filters the signal from noise, and RF gain controls the range of the received signal. How Does RF Gain Work On CB Radio? It is important to understand that RF gain only works on CB radio. Therefore, your CB radio can suppress noise in several ways. Everything will work well if you use only RF gain or if you use RF gain with the built-in noise reduction function (and also with squelch. Midland Alan 42 DS, CB-Handfunkgerät mit digitalem Squelch und umfangreichem Zubehör für jedes Einsatzgebiet. 4W AM/FM: Amazon.de: Audio & HiF Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes is a good option. A note on responsivensss: We receive a lot of questions as to whether this plugin is responsive. All widgets in this plugin are responsive excluding the horizontal accordion widget: It uses a different library to the other widgets, and that library is unfortunately not responsive. We may add a responsive horizontal slider in the future. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Retevis RT86 UHF Funkgeräte CTCSS/DCS Walkie Talkie 10W VOX Squelch 2600mAh bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel

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We need to squelch the static and listen to each other. Communication and understanding starts with listening and the willingness to share ideas that will benefit the greater good and not just one side. Our future and our democracy will depend on everyone having a vote, encouraging participation in the democratic process, and working together for the common good. Let's get the squelch. But that squelch of fat citizens should be told—to the devil with them! Do not hesitate to squelch them, even with derision and insult. I am told that the Senate is likely to squelch the Costigan bill. If there were only some ways to squelch the fakers and arouse the dreamers! All dat hangin' seemed to squelch a heap o' lousy goin's-on squelch ( v.) to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition; Synonyms: squash / crush / mash / squeeze. 2. squelch ( n.) a crushing remark; Synonyms: put-down / squelcher / takedown. squelch ( n.) an electric circuit that cuts off a receiver when the signal becomes weaker than the noise Looking for online definition of squelch or what squelch stands for? squelch is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar

Squelch can't target a mana ability because mana abilities don't use the stack. 6/8/2016: Activated abilities contain a colon. They're generally written [Cost]: [Effect]. Some keywords are activated abilities and will have colons in their reminder text Een squelch is een elektronische schakeling die in radio-ontvangers wordt gebruikt om tijdens afwezigheid van het gewenste signaal de audiocircuits te blokkeren. Hiermee wordt voorkomen dat hinderlijke ruis wordt versterkt. Alle portofoons en radioscanners zijn met een squelch uitgerust. Men spreekt in het Nederlands ook wel van een ruisonderdrukker, maar dat begrip heeft meerdere betekenissen The Trollish Game of Squiggly Fun! What are small and Stupid? What do Trolls love to jump up and down on? Squiggly Beasts! Squiggly Beasts are so silly that they make even Gobbos look clever. Maybe that's why Gobbos look after them. Squiggly Beasts are also very tasty. Maybe that's really why Gobbos look after them. Trolls spend days thinking about jumping on Squiggly Beastes

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Hearthstone is a game and games are supposed to be fun. Listen; Socials; Join the Squelchcord; Support the Pod; Subscribe to Squelch! Leave a Messag Squelch, eller støysperre på norsk, er en funksjon i kommunikasjonsradioer og endel andre radiomottakere som fjerner lyd i høyttaleren, eller snøvær på en skjerm, når innkommende signal er svakt eller ikke til stede. Flyradio med volum og squelchknapper sammen. I frekvensmodulerte (FM) mottakere forsterkes signalet om det er svakt, slik at suset fra den atmosfæriske bakgrunnsstøyen. ค ค||ค|||||ค|| |||||ค ||ค||ค|||||ค|| ค||ค||ค ค||ค|| ค||ค||||ค ค||ค ||ค||ค||ค||ค|| ค||ค||ค ค ค ค|| ค||ค ค. toyota rav4、subaru xv、wr250x、本格水冷pcなどの整備やdiy。ガジェット、スマホ、カー用品、フィギュア、家電など買った物や使った物の簡単なレビューや備忘録などをひっそりと書いています Squelch. A definition of squelch is, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to completely suppress. By suppressing or stopping a sound, you aren't giving it any volume in your house speakers. Wireless receivers have the ability to squelch sound as well. Imagine a squelch circuit which acts much like a noise gate. If the signal level of the radio frequency is below a certain.

Cartoon and funny squelch and splat sound effects (113) Creating cartoon sound effects is always fun so it's a category we tend to find ourselves working on regularly. If you asked us which were our most popular, these free squelch and splat sounds are at the top of the list. Perfect for all those hilarious cartoon moments, from a pie being thrown in someones face, something wet and sloppy. Indenfor telekommunikation er en støjspærre (engelsk squelch (SQL); mest kendt på dansk) et kredsløb, hvis formål er at dæmpe eller slukke for signaludgangen (fx audio og/eller video) fra en radiomodtager, ved fraværet af et brugbart signal. En squelch anvendes i radiomodtager (især ved tovejskommunikation) og VHF/UHF-radioskannere til at fjerne lydstøj, når radioen ikke modtager et. Schaltplan Rauschsperre / Squelch; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Ergebnis 1 bis 2 von 2 Thema: Schaltplan Rauschsperre / Squelch. Themen-Optionen. Druckbare.

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Synonyms for squelch in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for squelch. 40 synonyms for squelch: choke off, crush, extinguish, put down, quash, quell, quench, squash, suppress. Squelch. $ 18. The Squelch sound library is a collection of 6 radios, walkie talkies, and CBs recorded both through the speakers and in some cases through the line outs. Each device served up a broad palette of static, beeps, clicks, squelches, and random idle chatter. Comes with 93 recordings with hundreds of individual sounds + one Kontakt. And Squelch is the function of using the receiver's COS logic and the PL logic together by and gating them together, and then applying the resulting signal to the input of the controller, or voter. These two signals must not be slaved together in any other way as they must remain separate up to the and gate. How it works: When a user keys the mike, the COS will be applied to the and gate. Download Radio Squelch sounds 286 stock sound clips starting at $2. Download and buy high quality Radio Squelch sound effects. BROWSE NOW >>> Squelch is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times. There are related clues (shown below)

A simple squelch circuit. A circuit in a radio receiver that keeps the volume down when no signal is being received, but the volume builds up as soon as a signal is received. The function of a squelch is to adjust the sensitivity of the receiver by eliminating unwanted weak signals that cause background noise such as static, hash, or hiss per month. About Squelch! Another Hearthstone Podcast! Hearthstone is a game, and games are supposed to be fun! Don't believe us? Well, give us an hour or so each week, and we'll prove it to you. Goals. $62.45 of $75 per month. At $75 a month we will play quest deck co-op streams with patrons Squelch -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at crosswordnexus.co Definition of squelch in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of squelch. What does squelch mean? Information and translations of squelch in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web

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Zeige 1 passende Reime . Andere passende Reime für squelch. NF-Squelch DCS (Digital Coded Squelch) is digital data or code word that is transmitted with the voice audio. This data is sub-audible with most of it's energy below 300Hz. However is does have a wide bandwidth from 2 to 300 Hz. Unlike CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) which uses continuous tones below 300 Hz., DCS uses digital data or code. Squelch — In telecommunications, squelch is a circuit function that acts to suppress the audio (or video) output of a receiver in the absence of a sufficiently strong desired input signal. Contents 1 Carrier squelch 2 Tone squelch and selective calling 2.1 Wikipedia. Subton-Squelch-Verfahren — Die Funktion CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Subaudio Squelch oder Continuous Tone Coded Squelch.

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Anna Squelch is a global holistic health & life coach. She's a podcaster, speaker and hosts events and workshops in her hometown of NZ, whilst supporting clients all over the world in upleveling their self-worth through one-on-one and group programs CB Portable Midland Alan 42 DS mit Squelch Automat Digital C1267, C480.17-OBS, schwarz, Norme: Amazon.de: Heimkino, TV & Vide

Die Funktion CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Subaudio Squelch oder Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) (Subton-Squelch-Verfahren; Entstörungscode, Pilotton) erlaubt das gezielte Auswählen bestimmter Funkgeräte innerhalb eines ausgewählten Kanals. Beim Senden wird vom Anrufer ein tiefer Ton mitgesendet (Pilotton), auf den nur die Funkgeräte reagieren, die. intercom squelch and volume can be adjusted independently from the radio function through the configuration menu. Stuck Mic . If the PTT switch is stuck in the ON or transmit position, the radio will automatically cut out after 35 seconds as a safety measure. Configuration Mode . Additional setup items can be accessed by holding down the MON button for 5 seconds. The menu options can be. README. ======= squelch ======= squelch zeroes an incoming PCM signal to digital silence when sufficiently quiet for a sufficient time. This can be helpful when compressing a recorded signal using RLE, for example. Signal comes in through stdin and the squelched signal is written to stdout. Stream format is assumed to be raw 16-bit signed. squelch | RAV4、WR250X. axis-parts LEDウインカー付きドアミラー取り付け 【RAV4】 axis-partsから新しくLEDウインカー付きドアミラーが発売されて運良くモニター当選しました。 そっけない やっと電球色から抜け出せました。 ウェルカムランプを交換しただけでだいぶ今っぽい感じになりますね。 BAOLICY. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für 1pcs Metall Muffler ohne Öl Kompressor für Luft Filter für Luft Squelch Muffler bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel

Enabling AND squelch allows the receivers regular noise squelch circuit to work as in any other receiver, but in conjunction with the PL logic signal. Thus a user, without reverse burst capability, transmitting PL will be muted as soon as the carrier is dropped, even though the PL reed is still moving and slowly coasting to a stop. A receiver set-up for AND squelch uses the PL AND the. To squelch means to make a wet, sucking sound, like the sound you make when you are walking on wet, muddy ground. He squelched across the turf A receiver circuit designed to mute (squelch) the audio output when the received signal is too weak to provide acceptable audio or, in some cases, when the wrong signal is being received See also Noise Squelch, Signal Level Squelch, Tone Coded Squelch. Squelch can be learned from: Cleanser (8 points) Green Finger (22 points) Priest (17 points) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 . Squelch can be learned from all the skills it could previously, though the point requirements for Cleanser and Green Finger have changed. It can now be learned from: Boom Boxer (34 points) Cleanser (4 points I've seen this utility, shown in-game as squelch and in-forum as ignore. Datamining the Forums. Troops are being sent there, and furloughed men are ordered there to squelch the affair. Diary of Samuel A. Agnew : September 27, 1863-June 30, 1864, Helen, deeming him overbold, sought to 'squelch' him with a look. The Desert Valle MD380 squelch modification With a simple modification of the squelch, the received power of most MD380 / RT3 can be properly increased. The squelch is set on many devices conservative, and opens only at very strong signals. (In my model until about S8) The limited the usable range of repeaters etc. enormous


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