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One of the leading stablecoin providers has revealed their latest token offering. TrustToken, which launched the TrueUSD last year, says the new token will represent a digitized form of British currency: the TrueGBP. The team hopes that the new coin, which went live earlier today, will have a massive impact on the foreign exchange market True GBP is a British Pound-backed stablecoin that is 100% collateralized by Pound sterling in legally protected escrow accounts, and utilizes multiple bank partners, and allows users to trade, send, and receive payments without having to worry about price volatility

What is a stablecoin? Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is designed to minimize volatility by pegging to a more stable asset. Fiat currency digital asset is the most popular use case for stablecoins. It typically tracks popular national currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, and the British Pound. Benefit of this includes being able to take advantage of blockchain technology and peer-to-peer value transfer while not being exposed to high volatility such as bitcoin, ethereum, or other. True GBP Price: $0? Market Cap Rank: 4678: Circulating Supply: 0? Total Supply: No Data: Max Supply: No Data: Market Cap: $0: Trading Volume 24h: $0 (--)% Amount traded 24h: 0 TGBP's: Market Cap Dominance: 0.00%: Trading Volume Dominance: 0.00%: All Time High: $1.24 (10 Month Ago) Since All Time High - $1.24 (-100.00%) 24h Range: $0? - $0? 52 wk Range: $1.24 - $1.24 : True GBP/Bitcoin Rati CoinCodex delivers latest True GBP (TGBP) news, analysis, and information to the world, featuring stories from the most trusted source. True GBP (TGBP) News Feed | CoinCodex Total Market Cap: M. Cap: $ 1.59T (-0.8%

Last updated on May 07, 2021. London Block Exchange has worked with AlphaPoint to launch the world's first stablecoin pegged to the Great British Pound (GBP). The backing entails a one-to-one ratio where the funds are fully secured in an auditable, UK-based bank account Just like LBXPeg, TrueGBP by TrustToken mirrors the British pound at a ratio of 1:1. The purpose of this GBP stablecoin is to provide easy access to one of the most traded currencies globally. TrustToken had already issued the TrueUSD stablecoin before developing the GBP-pegged coin. The company is also planning several other stablecoins linked to more fiat currencies Where Always 1 GNG = 1 GBP (£) The GNG stablecoin combines the credit and price stability of Pound sterling with blockchain technology and the oversight of U.K. regulators. GNG stablecoin & wallet is a dream come true for me. Financial & Operational Transparency. GNG is the scalable stablecoin trusted by leading institutions, exchanges, and developers for 1:1 transferability with the. Eine Stablecoin ist eine Form von Kryptowährungen, deren Wert festgelegt wird, indem sie an den Preis eines anderen Kryptowährungen gebunden wird. stablecoins können an verschiedene Arten von Kryptowährungen gebunden werden, z. B. an USD-Münzen (USDC), Paxos (PAX) und TrueUSD (TUSD). Diese Token werden im Verhältnis 1: 1 durch auf dem Konto des Herausgebers gehaltenes Geld gedeckt. Um diese Kryptowährung auszugeben, müssen die Unternehmen einen entsprechenden Betrag an FIAT-Währung.

TrustToken Unveils TrueGBP, A British Pound Stablecoin

  1. The first regulated stablecoin fully backed by the US Dollar. Get TrueUSD Now. The New Face of Money. How TrueUSD is different. Easy Redemption. Purchase and receive TrueUSD with one-click . Liquid. Trade TrueUSD on 70+ exchanges, 160+ markets, and 20+ OTC desks across 5 continents. Fully Collateralized . You can always redeem 1 TrueUSD for $1 USD, giving it a stable price. Ethical. We've.
  2. A user hoped to see a true stablecoin, pointing out that all of the existing options were down at least 2%. CZ responded that the exchange is currently in testing phases for its stablecoin product. CZ Binance announced that the company is currently testing its own stablecoin, the BGBP, which only has 200 units issued currently. Source: Twitter. Fact is, when stablecoins see use in actual.
  3. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is discontinuing its own BGBP cryptocurrency, a stablecoin linked to the value of pounds sterling. In a notice on Monday, the company said it is removing a number of..
  4. Use a stablecoin with the longest proven track record of liquidity and redeemability. Exchanges. Attract more global users and trading volume through international fiat markets with TrueCurrencies. Retail Users. Store and move your money quickly and without fees, or use TrueCurrencies with our partners to buy goods and services

Binance testet eine neue GBP-basierte Stablecoin. Binance hat angekündigt, dass es einen neuen GBP-gestützten Stablecoin als neues Asset auf der nativen Binance Chain Blockchain des Unternehmens ausprobiert. Obwohl er als neues Asset hinzugefügt wurde, das offen auf der Blockchain des Unternehmens angesehen wird, sagte Binance CEO Changpeng CZ Zhao, dass der neue Stablecoin immer noch. Decentralized & anonymous way to own GBP. Home; Features; FAQ; Contact us; 0 Buy now. BLOCKCHAIN REVOLUTION World's greatest stablecoin Learn about ePound Cryptocurrency Prices by Coinlib. Benefits of money decentralization. Most important, banks and other institutions no longer have the control of your money. This could bring a tax free economy with lower fees on all transactions.. TrueChain to GBP Chart. TRUE to GBP rate for today is £0.209375. It has a current circulating supply of 23.7 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of £10,196,264. 1h The company behind True USD, TrustToken, also has stablecoins pegged to other major currencies — TrueAUD, TrueGBP and TrueHKD, to name a few. 3. Paxos Standard (PAX As Signature Bank expands its commercial banking offerings, the trueusd stablecoin has been integrated with its Signet blockchain-based digital payment platform to deliver instant dollar payments

True GBP (TGBP) Price, Chart, Value & Market Cap CoinCode

TrueFi V3: Credit Model & New Asset Support True GBP Blog.trusttoken.com 21 d ago DeFi credit scores & USDC Lending Pool with 2x incentives launch May 20th, 2021Since the launch of TrueFi V2 in February 2021 — which delivered an improved staking model and Liquid Exit — DeFi's first unsecured lending protocol has.. TrueUSD, or TUSD, is an ERC20 stablecoin fully backed by the US dollar. It provides its holders with legal protections and real-time audits Stablecoin - Asset-Backed BGBP Price Live Data Binance GBP Stable Coin (BGBP) is a token issued by Binance with the price pegged to the GBP at a rate of 1 BGBP = 1 GBP. BGBP is 100% reportedly backed by the same amount of GBP held by Binance in a bank account at all times Ampleforth is a decentralized, algorithmic stablecoin (AMPL) that uses an elastic supply mechanism to maintain its peg to the current Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate—an index from the Bureau of Economic Analysis on the current value of the inflation adjusted 2019 U.S. dollar. When the price of AMPL is high, wallet balances increase, but when the price of AMPL is low, wallet balances decrease. This automated change in supply subsequently impacts market prices and is called.

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  1. The average daily deviation for each stablecoin was pretty similar, $0.02 to $0.03 from the $1.00 peg. But we really start to see separation is the max deviations, where GUSD deviating more than.
  2. Wie viel (GBP) ist 1 Xdollar Stablecoin (XUSD)? Ab June 19, 2021, 0:57 1 Xdollar Stablecoin entspricht 0.75119 . Unser Währungsrechner bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, mehrere Kryptowährungen in die beliebtesten Fiat-Währungen umzurechnen. Mit Hilfe des Xdollar Stablecoin Konverter können Sie Xdollar Stablecoin einfach in GBP konvertieren
  3. Die Münze soll Binance GBP heißen und zu 100 Prozent durch britische Pfund gedeckt sein. Mit welcher Bank Binance zusammenarbeitet, will man bekannt geben, sobald der Stablecoin auf den Markt.
  4. Tether (USDT): Bekanntester Stablecoin, an den US-Dollar gebunden. Paxos Standard (PAX): US-Dollar, Gold gebunden. Digix Gold (DGX): Eine Einheit Digix Gold (DGX) einem Gramm Gold. USD Coins (USDC): 1:1 an den Dollar gekoppelt. True USD (TUSD): US-Dollar gebunden. True GBP an das Britische Pfund gebunden. True CAD: An den Kanadischen Dollar gebunden
  5. Auf Twitter hat die London Block Exchange auch gezwitschert, dass sie stolz darauf sind, die erste GBP-gestützte Stallmünze auf den Markt zu bringen, die die Welt je gesehen hat. Am Freitag verkündete die London Block Exchange, dass sie die volle Unterstützung einer bestimmten Bank im Vereinigten Königreich genießt, was ihnen die Möglichkeit gibt, die von GBP unterstützte Stablecoin.
  6. The Mystery GBP Stablecoin Project. At this time, not too much is known about what Binance has planned exactly. While the company has confirmed there is a stablecoin being tested on the Binance Chain network, which is something to look forward to. More specifically, this blockchain is widely considered to be a major development for the cryptocurrency industry. As such, expectations are quite.
  7. stablecoin sebagian besar digunakan sebagai mekanisme untuk melakukan perlindungan nilai terhadap volatilitas tinggi pada pasar mata uang kripto. stablecoin memberikan lebih banyak keuntungan bila dibandingkan dengan mata uang fiat tradisional, mereka menyajikan transaksi yang lebih cepat dengan biaya lebih rendah - menjadikannya alternatif yang lebih baik untuk pembayaran sehari-hari

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  2. Binance GBP Stablecoin (BGBP) On July 29, 2019 Binance has launched its own Binance stablecoin - Binance GBP. It's pegged to Great Britain Pound, and is totally backed up by the money on company's account. The token is based on Ethereum platform. Founded: 2019; Pegged to: GBP; Market cap: ? Circulating supply: ? Historical price fluctuations: $1,19 - $1,25 (~1 £) Website: https://www.
  3. GBP or stablecoin? Close. 3. Posted by 12 days ago. GBP or stablecoin? UK based, currently have some GBP sitting in Nexo earning 8% interest (interest paid in Nexo coins). Is this the best use of my GBP, or would it be better to hold it in some kind of stablecoin instead? Stablecoin seems to have 12% interest on Nexo so the difference is drastic...but not sure the impact it will have on my GBP.
  4. ted so far and the exchange plans to take their time to make a full public issuance

For example, the majority of stablecoins track the value of fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY, CHF whilst others may track the value of gold or a basket of precious metals. All of these real-world assets have a reliable store of value so when a buyer pays, for example, $1 or £1 for a stablecoin they know that they will eventually be able to redeem it later for $1 or £1 Which platforms enable you to earn interest or rewards on GBP or GBP stablecoin deposits? I'm aware of Nexo and Celsius but I'd also like to know what else is out there? If there are other platforms do you have any opinions on those platforms? Thanks. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the.

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London Block Exchange Launches First-Ever GBP-Backed

Sie können GBP in andere Währungen wie BNB, ADA oder STC umrechnen. Wir haben unsere Wechselkurse am 2021/05/17 19:44 aktualisiert. In den letzten 24 Stunden lag der maximale Wechselkurs von 50 GBP zu USDP bei und der niedrigste Wechselkurs bei . Der USDP Preis schwankte in der letzten Stunde um und änderte sich in den letzten 24 Stunden um To put it simply, a stablecoin is a cryptocurrency with very stable prices measured in fiat currency. They achieve this stable grounding by being pegged or directly linked to real-world assets such as typical currencies, and even other types of assets such as oil or gold. Just like other cryptocurrencies, stablecoins use the blockchain technology TrustToken launches GBP-pegged stablecoin Cryptos | 4/3/2019 6:12:35 AM GMT Cryptocurrency startup TrustToken launched its second stablecoin backed by British Pound TrueUSD is a stablecoin running on Ethereum that attempts to maintain a value of US$1.00. The supply of TUSD is collateralized by US dollars held in escrow by banks. Tokens can be purchased and redeemed for US dollars on the TrustToken website. Resources. Official website. Top Stories. Centralized assets now constitute 40% of MakerDAO's vaults. New data interpretation from The Block shows. Binance Confirms Testing of GBP Pegged Stablecoin. Binance CEO confirms testing of a pound-pegged stablecoin. Plans to march ahead in the race of stablecoin market establishment. By. Deepika Garg - June 4, 2019. Twitter. Telegram. Facebook. WhatsApp. Linkedin. Pinterest. ReddIt. Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, confirms that the exchange is in the testing phase of a GBP pegged stablecoin. Binance.

Sie können USDP in andere Währungen wie ETH, BCH oder ETH umrechnen. Wir haben unsere Wechselkurse am 2021/05/16 17:49 aktualisiert. In den letzten 24 Stunden lag der maximale Wechselkurs von 500 USDP zu GBP bei und der niedrigste Wechselkurs bei . Der GBP Preis schwankte in der letzten Stunde um und änderte sich in den letzten 24 Stunden um The total trade volume of StableCoin in last 24 hour is around 0 USD. You can select some of above exchanges to buy StableCoin (SBC) with USD, INR, CAD, EUR, GBP, RUB, etc. Also, you can use the same exchanges to trade StableCoin (SBC) against cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, XMR, USDT, BNB, etc

How could a GBP-pegged stablecoin threaten UK banks

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency designed to have low price volatility. Stablecoins are used as stores of value or units of account, as well as in other use cases where volatile cryptocurrencies may be less desirable. Different stablecoins use different strategies to achieve price stability, some are centralised, others are decentralised. By Matt Hussey. 7 min read. Oct 16, 2020 Nov 16, 2020. As a stablecoin issuer, the circulating supply of USDT must be backed by an equivalent amount of USD in reserves, however, Tether has often been marred into . Prashant Jha March 30, 2021. News . News . Bitfinex and Tether Settles Dispute With NYAG With $18.5 Million Penalty; Gets Barred From New York . Prashant Jha February 24, 2021. iFinex owned Bitfinex and Tether finally settled with New. โดย Stablecoin ที่นิยมใช้กันได้แก่ Tether ( USDT ), USD Coin (USDC), Binance USD (BUSD), Paxos Standard (PAX), TrueUSD (TUSD) และ Dai (DAI) ส่วนใหญ่ที่ถูกใช้ในโลกของคริปโตนั้นมูลค่าของมันจะถูก. Earn up to 12% interest on GBP, EUR, and USD, following these three simple steps: Open the Nexo platform or the Nexo Wallet App. Complete Basic and Advanced Verification. Transfer your fiat into your Nexo account. Don't forget to use your unique reference code! That's it! You'll instantly start earning interest as soon as the transaction is confirmed. Note: The minimum top-up amounts are.

Part 3 - Stablecoin use cases, specs and payment flow. December 8, 2020. This part explores three of the primary ways organizations are implementing stablecoin systems. The purpose of this part is to reveal the breadth of stablecoin technology by identifying the technical specifications of live systems and how they work On Saturday (29 September 2018), London Block Exchange (LBX) announced that it was launching LBXPeg, the first 1:1 GBP-collateralized stablecoin. LBX opened in November 2017; it offered an OTC crypto trading service and a mobile app that allowed UK-based customers to buy and sell BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies With the help of Xdollar Stablecoin converter, you can convert Xdollar Stablecoin to GBP easily. You can buy or sell Xdollar Stablecoin at Binance with an exchange rate of 0.75119 U.K. Pound Sterling (GBP). This XUSD calculator tool is a real-time online exchange rate calculator with the most recent Xdollar Stablecoin and U.K. Pound Sterling rates. Moreover, you can find reverse exchange rate. A stablecoin is a new class of cryptocurrencies that attempts to offer price stability and are backed by a reserve asset. Stablecoins have gained traction as they attempt to offer the best of both.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the volatility of the price of the stablecoin, relative to some stable asset or basket of assets. A stablecoin can be pegged to a cryptocurrency, fiat money, or to exchange-traded commodities (such as precious metals or industrial metals). Stablecoins redeemable in currency, commodities, or fiat money are said to be backed, whereas those. True USD has published its audit documentation confirming reserves. Paxos Standard and Gemini Dollar are both regulated in the state of New York. USD Coin is backed by reserves held in financial institutions. Although many fiat-backed stablecoins are pegged to a single fiat currency, it doesn't necessarily have to be so. The plan for Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency was that it would be.

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Barings Europe Select Trust - GBP DIS (973145 | GB0000796242): Aktuelle Informationen zum Fonds, Charts und Performance - zusätzlich Breakdowns, Branchenvergleiche u.v.m Tether Stablecoin Guide: How USDT Crypto Token Works Tether (USDT) stablecoin is one of the cryptocurrency market's biggest controversial topics in the bitcoin community. Master The Crypto put together a three-part guide for you to review to better understand Tether, how Stablecoins work and the Bitfinex association/price manipulation drama Seamless USD, GPB and EURO Accessibility on Stellar Network. LONDON, Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The White Company and Fintech Ltd announce a partnership bringing USD, GBP and Euro fiat deposits. Tether Global, the company that powers USDT, the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, will launch its dollar-backed stablecoins on Avalanche, it said in an announcement yesterday.. We're pleased to announce that Tether tokens (USDt) will be available on Avalanche @avalancheavax, an open-source platform for launching highly decentralized applications, new financial primitives and new.

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Stablecoin Coins. Stablecoins are assets that have price stability characteristics that make it suitable for short-term and medium-term use as a unit of account and store of value, often pegged to a national currency. $110.76B Sector. Market Cap Certain other stablecoin sponsors have a slightly different operating model and choose to operate trust companies in the State of New York. They have received explicit acknowledgment of their regulation by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). FinCEN and the DBI have not made any similar explicit statements promoting their status as regulators of stablecoin sponsors. At this point, it's clear that a stablecoin collateralized by Bitcoin (BTC, Rated A-) could be a better choice: Bitcoin is vastly more liquid than other crypto assets. It has the highest. TrueCoin, found online at TrueCoin.com, aims to create a USD-backed stablecoin called the TrueUSD. That digital token works in a similar way to Tether and its USDT: it promises to offer stable value backed 100% by real USD stored in a bank vault. Tether, of course, has faced criticism in recent months due to its lack of transparency DAI Stablecoin Market Opens on NitroEx Receiving Significant Trade Response. SWIEQI, MALTA / ACCESSWIRE / August 24, 2020 / NitroEx Exchange has added DAI Stablecoin to its coin listing, enabling.

TrueUSD TrueUS

  1. ent use case of stablecoins is stability and how it helps cryptocurrency users, especially traders, hedge against volatility. There are several types of.
  2. ed. When a company sells itself as providing stability, safety, and accountability — the last thing its customers want to hear is that their accounts were.
  3. Currency pairs. available for trading on Kraken. Not all currencies available on Kraken can be directly traded for one another. This article lists all tradable currency pairs (also referred to as markets) on our exchange. Note that there are some restrictions to pairs available on the Buy Crypto widget and our Kraken mobile app
  4. Fiat-backed stablecoins are backed at a 1:1 ratio, that means 1 stablecoin is equal to 1 unit of currency (like a dollar whatever USD, EUR, or GBP). So for every stablecoin that occurs, there is real fiat currency being held in a bank account to back it up. Fiat-collateralized stablecoins are the easy and understandable structure a stablecoin.
  5. Stablecoin backed 1-for-1 with Indian National Rupees. White Paper. Total Transacted 6,96,168.00. Total Minted 3,95,622.00 All-Time Redemptions 95,076.00. Circulation Supply 2,05,470.00 What is TrueINR ? TrueINR (TINR) is a fully decentralized, legally protected and transparently verified ERC-20 token. It is pegged to the Indian national Rupee and maintains a 1:1 ratio. You can always redeem 1.
  6. Libra Kurs: Facebook-Kryptowährung mit Spannung erwartet. Viele Medien pfiffen es bereits für die Spatzen vom nach und nun wurde endlich aus den Gerüchten Wahrheit: Facebook kündigt die Veröffentlichung seiner eigenen Kryptowährung Libra für das Jahr 2020 an. Mit den konkreten Informationen und strategischen Vorgehensweisen zur Einführung hat Facebook für ordentlich Aufsehen gesorgt

ข้อมูลเผยเหรียญ Stablecoin ไหลเข้าเว็บเทรดน้อยลง สิ่งนี้หมายถึงอะไร . ข่าวคริปโตเคอเรนซี่. Share. Tweet. Share. ติดตามสยามบล็อกเชนบน. อัตราการเติบโตของตลาด. 54.08 Pound Sterling (GBP) is 42.408 USDP Stablecoin (USDP). updated 15 seconds ago. Pound Sterling (GBP) USDP Stablecoin (USDP) updated 15 seconds ago. Data source: CoinMarketCap Price $0.78416296. 24 Hour Change. Cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has involved itself in an array of goals from listing, to launching and expanding. Earlier this year, the popular exchange revealed its plans for a fiat-to-crypto stablecoin, which they dubbed as BGBP. According to Coin Desk, said plans have been realized, as the stablecoin has officially been listed on Binance Jersey

Is a True Stablecoin Cryptocurrency Possible? Reading Time: 3 minutes by Robert DeVoe on February 21, 2018 Altcoins, Finance, News, Tech. Day traders love cryptocurrency because of its constant, rapid price swings. Fortunes can indeed be won and lost in much the same way as a casino. While traders may love the volatility, it could prove to be more of a hindrance to mass adoption than a. Part 3 - Stablecoin use cases, specs and payment flow. December 8, 2020. This part explores three of the primary ways organizations are implementing stablecoin systems. The purpose of this part is to reveal the breadth of stablecoin technology by identifying the technical specifications of live systems and how they work Use a stablecoin with the longest proven track record of liquidity and redeemability. Exchanges. Attract more global users and trading volume through international fiat markets with TrueUSD. Everyone. Make our stablecoins work harder for you by taking advantage of our TrueCurrencies partnerships. Learn About Our Company . Be the first to know the milestones of TrueUSD. Get the latest. Stablecoin is the form of Cryptocurrency which is having a stable price and it can be measured in terms of fiat currency such as the US Dollar or Gold. It is not managed by any central bank. At present, two coins are available which are implementing the concept of Stablecoin and those are: 1. TrueUSD(TUSD) 2. Tether(USDT) Let's discuss TrueUSD first: TrueUSD is created by Rafael Cosman.

The World's Biggest Crypto Exchange is Testing a British

Khi thị trường biến động, chúng ta lại nói nhiều hơn đến stablecoin, những tether, True USD, nhưng bản chất của chúng là gì? Và thế nào mới được xem là 1. The first Binance stablecoin is coming, and the token just got a clean bill of health from smart contract security startup Quantstamp.. On July 18th, the Y Combinator-backed auditors announced they had finished reviewing the code of the pound sterling stablecoin, dubbed Binance GBP (BGBP) by the powerhouse Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange Stablecoin that is backed up by gold will always have a specific value assigned to each of the coins. For example, one gold stablecoin could represent one gram of gold. However, you might wonder where is the physical gold itself. These golds are kept in a highly secured trusted vault, but in most cases, they are the third party

Binance Discontinues UK Pound Stablecoin Calling It Just

Another Stablecoin: U.K. Crypto Exchange Launches GBP-Pegged Cryptocurrency The London Block Exchange has announced the launch of a GBP-pegged cryptocurrency stablecoin called LBXPeg. In a statement posted on its website, LBX revealed that the so-called cryptopound will be tied to the value of GBP held in an auditable U.K. bank account on a 1:1 basis The conversion value for 100 GBP to 137.382 USDP. BeInCrypto is currently using the following exchange rate 1.374. You can convert GBP to other currencies like XRP, DOT or UNI. We updated our exchange rates on 2021/06/02 05:52. In the last 24 hours, the maximum exchange rate of 100 GBP to USDP stands at and the lowest exchange rate at . USDP. What a Binance Stablecoin Will Mean. If Binance were to follow through on the suggestion and birth a stablecoin, then the exchange would join their counterparts, Gemini (GUSD) and Circle (USDC) as the popular exchanges to go down that path. However, Binance's position as one of the most widely used crypto exchange platforms means that it wouldn't be wrong to expect them to enjoy a more.

GBP Stablecoin Price and Market Cap Loading... Gini Coefficient and Theil Index for GBP Stablecoin Gini Coefficient measures the inequality among address balances. Calculated as a square measure above the Lorenz curve. The closer the curve to the straight line, the less the Gini coefficient. If all balances were equal, it would be exactly 0. For the most uneven distribution, it is 1. Loading. USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin fully backed by the US dollar. Where available, Coinbase customers with US dollar accounts may exchange 1 USDC for US$1.00 (and vice versa) on Coinbase Details About Binance GBP-Pegged Stablecoin. Further information available on the Binance Chain Explorer reveals that the stablecoin will adopt the official name BGBP-CF3. Additionally, Binance started testing the new cryptocurrency two days ago with timestamp data revealing the introduction took place two days and 13 hours ago on real-time records. Meanwhile, the news about the stablecoin has.

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